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Leavin’ Oklahoma


Sitting at a window booth in a dusty old town.
He's waiting for a ride while the sun is slippin' down.
He watched and waitin' his whole life, he tries to make a break.
Leaving Oklahoma, but all he does is wait.

Once folks flocked around you and time was everywhere.
Now it's scarce as a dollar and time don't have a care.
You stagger quite a lot when you stand on your two feet,
And your eyes have all gone glassy and there's slurring in your speech.

You gaze into your past for some vision up ahead.
The highway just gets darker and the headlights just go dead.
You keep a movin' on, pick your heart up off the ground
At a booth in Oklahoma while the sun is slipping down.

They shut off the Tavern lights just to say it's time to go.
You're heading for the door and you're moving kinda slow.
You gaze into the distance and the sky is getting late,
But it's too late for leaving and it's much too late to wait.

The dust has all but settled and the light is leaking out.
And the dew has soaked your body standing there with your thumb out.
Occasionally a car will come and you anticipate
Leaving Oklahoma, but all you do is wait.

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