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I can hear your heart a beatin' all the way across the room.
And your eyes they shine like diamonds when they're full of moon.
I'm blind to anybody else, you're the only one I see.
If it was only you and I now honey, that would be all right with me.
I blew in from the highway, flat worn out from the road.
And this ramble scramble life I lead, you know it takes a heavy toll.
You were silhouetted against the glass, too good to be true, too good to last!
And I'm fallin, fallin', fallin', I'm fallin' fast.

You're from the ancient river city where the Rappahannock flows.
And I'm from a county rural route on a dusty gravel road.
My tomorrows can't outrun my past, I'm living here and now is all I ask!
And I'm fallin', fallin', fallin', I'm fallin' fast.

It's a razor kind of sadness when folks have let you down.
Let's put it all behind us honey, turn a cheek to this old town.
On your own you can make it through, but you and me, it's a better thing we do!
And you're falling, fallin', fallin - And babe I hear you callin' me
And you're fallin', fallin', fallin', fallin' too

I can your heart a beatin' all the way across the room.

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