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“Ralph Gordon hangs visionary lyrics on a melody that carries the song straight to your heart. I am touched by the images he creates through his music. Many of his songs open with a scene from his hometown, but they leave a space for you to visit and you are welcome to stay awhile.” – N. Horn

Ralph Gordon, 1978

Ralph Gordon’s had a guitar in hand as long as he can remember, but his performing history begins in 1971, at a local joint called Freeman’s Store in Fredericksburg VA, playing his first gig. Nowadays it’s called the Sunken Well, changing with the years just like Ralph’s music, evolving and growing into the history of Virginia and the changing times of the community.

It’s this record, the journey through time that we’ve all taken together, that Ralph’s music touches upon, reminiscing on relationships long past, the changes the world has gone through, and how the past meets the present. Through his journeys through Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Pennsylvania, and all across the country, Ralph has gathered stories of fleeting memories and sweet people passing by, stories to share with you.

Curitiba, 2021
The Sounds of Summer @ Fredericksburg Area Museum, 2022

Recent gigs include Ralph Gordon’s performance with Bruce Middle at Curitiba Art Cafe on October 30th 2021, as well as performing as a featured musician in the Sounds of Summer on July 1st of 2022, at the Fredericksburg Area Museum, with the Bruce Middle Trio.

Today, Ralph plays frequently at the Colonial Tavern at 406 Lafayette Boulevard, always writing new music and sharing his stories with the world. Additionally, he is played on Portland Radio Project 99.1 FM, as a solo acoustic act ready to perform both with guest artists and on his own, Ralph passionately shares his tales with every gig he plays today.